About Us

We are a registered charity (No. 293003) run by volunteers, serving the local community.

Located on the site of a former dining pavilion on the historic Holly Lodge Estate in Highgate, North London, Holly Lodge Community Centre can be found at 30 Makepeace Avenue, just off Hillway.

The Holly Lodge Estate also has its own children’s nursery, located one street away on Oakeshott Avenue.

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Holly Lodge History

The Holly Lodge Estate was initially the site and grounds of a villa built in 1798. The last individual owner of this beautiful estate was the renowned 19th century heiress and philanthropist Angela Burdett-Coutts, who entertained the likes of Queen Victoria and Charles Dickens.

Nestled between Hampstead Heath to the west, and Waterlow Park to the east, the estate was eventually sold to developers in the 1920s. They in turn created a garden suburb style neighbourhood with a mixture of houses and mansion blocks.

The blocks were originally developed as a safe and pleasant environment to house young ladies who worked in London. The flats were often on the small side – however, there was a restaurant, theatre, library, and tennis courts – in all, a thriving women’s community on the slopes below Highgate Village.

This history, along with the beautiful environment and amazing views over London, makes Holly Lodge a popular point of interest on historical walks.

The building housing Holly Lodge Community Centre stands on the site of what once was the restaurant pavilion. The Holly Lodge Estate is now home to a vibrant mix of tenants, house and flat owners, who make up an engaged and thriving local community.

Centre Management

Holly Lodge Community Centre is a registered charity, managed part-time by Len Lauk, and overseen by the Board of Trustees:

Chair: Barbara Smith

Treasurer: Yeshi Abay

Secretary: Anne Holve

Trustee: Camilla Scaramanga

Trustee: Karen Berges

Trustee: Josh Cedar

Trustee: Roger Elliott

Trustee: Lisa Rose

Trustee: Bernardita Hudson

Off-committee, our Volunteer Coordinator is Martin Floyd, and we are also very thankful for the services of Lulu Taddei, who doubles up as our cook and cleaner.

Key Local Contacts

Holly Lodge Estate Manager: Barbara Wheatley

Barbara can help with queries on parking, security and other Estate matters. She and the Estate team are often called upon to deal with issues in flats or gardens. The common parts of the Estate – roads, paths, parks, etc are managed by the Holly Lodge Estate Committee, who represent the plot / house owners. The Estate team can be found in the hut at the top of the Estate, opposite No. 8 Holly Lodge Gardens.

Web: www.hle.org.uk Email – manager@hle.org.uk

Holly Lodge Residents Association (HLRA): Represents all residents in the Holly Lodge Estate mansion blocks – whether council tenants, leaseholders or private tenants.

They organise social events and other activities, as well as putting residents’ concerns to Camden Council and working with the Council to create solutions. They are officially recognised as a TRA (Tenants and Residents Association) by Camden Council. Holly Lodge Community Centre is part of this association.

Chair: Roger Elliott

Secretary: Lise Gallagher

Web: https://myhlra.org/ Email: hollylodgera@gmail.com

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